About the Blog

My blog is, after all this time, still a work in progress but then again what blog isn’t? I’m not yet part of any feeds or blogging for any store in particular though I do strive to start doing so. For the moment, blogging is purely entertainment and fun for me. A way to out my creativity and combine it with the joys of shopping. My current archive will show that I’ve not been the most consistent blogger and that I haven’t blogged all that much yet but as I said, for now blogging is purely for myself. Should you ask me to start blogging for you, I can guarantee that I’ll always pull it off and pour everything I’ve got into it. I’m a casual blogger right now but once I commit to something, I really go for it and give it 110%.


If you’re a creator and you like what you’ve seen so far, please feel free to get in touch though make sure you check my do’s and don’ts.



Butts. I am not into big booty items, I don’t want people to say “What, no saddle?” when they look at my hips. I don’t enjoy it and therefor I will never blog it. The same applies to enormous boobs. While I enjoy some nice curves and roundings and like to tease my boyfriend by upping the size of my chest every now and then, I’m not into the whole airbags thing. I’m not overly keen on appliers only clothing. It’s fine for underwear but my pants/skirt/top/etc. will 99% of the time be mesh items. I’ll do stocking appliers, leggings, tops or shirts that go under a vest or jacket but that’s really as far as it goes for me.



Pretty much everything else that doesn’t involve the above. Really. I’ll turn into a centaur for you if give me a pair of shiny hooves. I’ll grow a mermaid’s tail for the right set of shells. You get the idea!

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