About me

I’ve been a Second Life resident for 10+ years now and to this day still enjoy the wonders this virtual world has to offer. Through the years I’ve thrown myself from one hobby into the next and worked several ‘jobs’. I’ve been a hostess, a DJ, a Casting Director for one of the Disney sims, an Event Planner, a hockey player, a Manager within the sports community, a costume creator & store owner (pre-mesh!) and through it all, I’ve always and ever taken any excuse to snap pictures. From very horrific and old basic snapshots to the photo work I do these days for my blog or just for my own amusement and my friends. I’m by no means an expert or professional, I’m not the Yoda of Photoshop but I do always enjoy what I do, work my hardest on it and try different things for new effects. I do all that I can to get my shot as perfect as possible in-world before taking it into my editing software for some cleaning up. I have tons of fun doing it and I hope to continue doing it for a long time.

Ashlene. ❤

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