6 thoughts on “This is Alex!

  1. Could you kindly let me know how you tweaked Ikon’s eyes? I’ve tried making them larger, moving them forward, sideways and they still don’t fill the eye socket properly. Especially when the eyes turn to the sides – the mesh eyes pop out of the socket. Please show me the side view of your head with Ikon eyes, thanks!

    • Hiya! I’m including 3 shots here, first is the way the Ikon eyes look in my LOGO head by default. The 2nd and 3rd are the ‘fixed’ look from both the front and the side. What I did was move the eyes backwards by 5 clicks on the HUD’s backwards arrow. Mind you, some of this is also affected by your default shape’s eye settings like the eye size and eye spacing so you may wanna check those too. Size for me is set to 18 and spacing to 55 but you can toy with that until you get the desired results. I hope this helps you!

      Fixed Front
      Fixed Side

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